ArcGIS Server .NET Code Gallery samples

Well what do you know... I'm also on youtube now. Together with several of our team members I'm demoing a custom renderer from the Code Gallery. Check it out!

Here are the links to the samples:

Other samples that you should check out (because I wrote them :-)):

Utility library: Simplifies ADF development for a number of common tasks. For example add a resource in one line of code, or create a redline tool using only a couple lines of code.

DHTML ScaleBar: Pure client-side scalebar. Instead of using the map services for drawing the scalebar, it uses a pure clientside approach (javascript), removing the need for server requests and scalebar re-rendering. It's also useful for resources that doesn't support rendering scalebars.

If you want know more I'll be working at the Server Showcase at the ESRI User Conference next week as well as demoing some more samples at the .NET SIG.

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  • Cool!
    I'm wondering how you define order of features to be rendered. Or Z-order is something customizable  by user based on attribute of feature?
  • The features are rendered in the order they are in the table. In the 3D building sample I actually sort the rows coming back from the query prior to rendering them based on their Y-min envelope in descending order. This ensures that the polygons are rendered in the correct order in most cases (but ok... it's not 100% perfect Smile
  • Wow, ESRI has the sexiest bunch of engineers I've ever seen.  Do you have to submit a head shot to get hired there?

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