This is a list of my current and earlier projects. Are you working on related projects, I would love to hear from you.

WMS implementations

Implementation of web mappers into ASP.NET pages and on mobile devices. Also tries to combine data from several data sources on-the-fly.

Some of the results can been seen here:

Mobile webservices

Location-based services, XML webservices, mobile positioning.

True orthophoto generation

Generation of true orthophotos on the basis of complex 3D citymodels (Master thesis)

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Mobile GIS

A test setup inspired by Location Based Services was developed for the Pocket PC. Features include downloading maps from WMS servers, distributing RTCM signals via TCP/IP for Diffential GPS, implementing XML Webservices, datacollection etc.

Download project (PDF / 0.35 Mb - Language: Danish)
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Virtual Reality in the Construction Industry

(Virtual Reality i byggesektoren.)

Download project (PDF / 2.37 Mb - Language: Danish)

Area classification based on laserscanned data

(Arealklassifikation baseret på laserskanningsdata.)

Auto-interpreting laser scanned data by using methods such as Bayes classification, for area classification.

Download project (PDF / 8.91 Mb - Language: Danish)

Differential GPS using the Internet

(Distribution af GPS korrektioner via internettet.)

Project on using TCP/IP or UDP to distribute DGPS corrections from master to rover. Software for this task was developed and described.

Download project (PDF / 985 Kb - Language: Danish)